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Trimming Press

Trimming Press | Power Press | H Frame Power Press

A trimming press can be used in hot forging as well as in cold forging. The Trimming press is also frequently used for perforating operations. The different construction designs of trimming presses allow a high grade of flexibility. We give you customized offers. Basically we have presses of all sizes.

 1. Power Press :

Cross Shaft Presses are single point gap frame presses with fabricated steel frame, cast slide and bolster. It is designed for either automatic or hand-fed general stamping applications such as blanking, piercing, forming, drawing, bending, etc.

2. H Frame Power Press :
H Frame Pneumatic Press fabricated from IS-2062 graded rolled steel plates. Frame is deeply reinforced and fines machines after stress reliving. The interlocked design put the direct support to frame. This frame is strain free and eliminates welds at load supports. Thus the accuracy of the machine is never disturbed.