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CNC Closed Die Hammer

CNC Hammer | Hydraulic Hammer

CNC forging hammers are widely applied for mass production in automobiles, motorcycles, construction machines, hydraulic fittings, instrument hardware, construction hardware, daily-use hardware, surgical instruments, kitchen hardware, and farm tools, knives, and other metal precision dies forging industry. In addition to a wide range of high-density shaped parts applied in the aerospace industry, the core of automated precision forging production line equipment. CNC hydraulic die forging hammers are hydraulic double-acting programmable forging hammers with HO-U structures, they comply with low carbon production, low vibration, high-efficiency production, etc. Can cooperate with Robot to build automatic forging line.

CNC Forging hammer Features:

1) The unique blow valve system makes the repeated precision of blow energy extremely high; 

2) Precise energy control. Stable forging quality, deviation ≤±1.5%. 

3) Forging hitting realizes “numerical control” programming, the numerical control system can be connected to the Internet, and can realize remote control; 

4) U-shaped body + X-shaped guide rails make the forgings extremely accurate and multi-cavity forging;

5) High frequency of strikes, making production more efficient; 

6) Slow rise and fall of the hammerhead can be realized at any time,  making it easier, faster, and safer to change or adjust the mold; 

7) The short-stroke striking function, the vibration mode function, and the anti-misoperation safety module are the unique technology of An Forging Company; 

8) Can be automated easy with any robot or graphite robot 

9)Unique advantages: precise control of energy, high precision of forgings, low vibration, and automation. Can be an automatic production line.

                     CNC Forging Hammer Technical Parameter