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Welcome to Advika ForgeTech Pvt. Ltd.

                                                  Company Profile

Advika ForgeTech Pvt. Ltd. is a leading forging consultancy and overhauling services provider based in India. With a strong emphasis on forging turnkey solutions, the company caters to the forging industry and offers a comprehensive range of services. From low-cost automation to product development, Advika ForgeTech excels in providing efficient and innovative solutions to its clients. The company specializes in the supply of various presses, including screw press, mechanical press, and hydraulic press, catering to different forging processes such as hot, cold, and warm forging.

Services Offered:
1. Forging Consultancy: Advika ForgeTech offers expert consultancy services to help clients optimize their forging processes, improve productivity, and enhance overall operational efficiency. The team of experienced professionals assists in identifying areas for improvement and implementing best practices.

2. Overhauling Services: The company provides overhauling services for existing forging equipment and machinery, ensuring their smooth operation and extending their lifespan. This service helps clients in minimizing downtime and reducing maintenance costs.

3. Turnkey Solutions: Advika ForgeTech specializes in offering complete turnkey solutions for the forging industry. From initial concept design to final implementation, the company handles every aspect of the project, providing a hassle-free experience to its clients.

4. Low-Cost Automation: With a focus on automation, Advika ForgeTech offers cost-effective automation solutions to enhance productivity, reduce labor dependency, and improve overall quality in the forging process.

5. Product Development: The company supports clients in the development of new forging products or improving existing ones. Utilizing their expertise in the field, Advika ForgeTech assists in designing, prototyping, and optimizing products for maximum performance.

                                                   Team Building

Certainly! Let’s delve into more details about each team member’s roles and the potential contributions they can make:

1. Design Team (3 people):
– Responsibilities: The design team is responsible for creating detailed forging designs based on customer requirements and engineering specifications.
– Potential Contributions: Their expertise ensures that the forged components meet the necessary strength, durability, and dimensional accuracy standards. They can also innovate and optimize designs to improve efficiency and reduce material waste, Cost effectives process of forging.

2. Mechanical Engineer (1 person):
– Responsibilities: As a mechanical engineer, their role revolves around analyzing and optimizing the mechanical presses aspects of the forging process and       all type machinery.
– Potential Contributions: They can identify opportunities for process improvement, such as streamlining the production line, reducing cycle times, and                 enhancing overall equipment effectiveness. Their expertise can lead to cost savings and increased productivity.

3. Electrical Team (2 people):
– Responsibilities: The electrical team is in charge of the electrical systems within the forging machinery, including maintenance and troubleshooting.
– Potential Contributions: Their knowledge ensures that the machinery operates smoothly, minimizing downtime due to electrical issues. They can also explore ways to integrate modern automation and control systems to enhance precision and consistency in the forging process.

4. Sales Team (2 people):
– Responsibilities: The sales team is responsible for engaging with potential clients, understanding their needs, and promoting your forging services.
– Potential Contributions: By building strong relationships with clients and understanding market demands, they can provide valuable feedback to the design and engineering teams. This feedback loop helps in tailoring products and services to meet customer expectations effectively.

5. Digital Marketing Team (2 people):
– Responsibilities: The digital marketing team handles the online presence of the company, creating and distributing content to attract and engage potential customers.
– Potential Contributions: Through targeted digital marketing strategies, they can reach a broader audience, establish the company as an industry authority, and generate leads for the sales team. They can also use analytics to measure campaign effectiveness and refine their approach.

6. ITI-Certified Team Members (5 people):
– Responsibilities: The ITI-certified team members are skilled workers involved in the practical aspects of the forging process.
– Potential Contributions: With their hands-on experience, they can ensure precision in forging operations, maintain the machinery effectively, and implement best practices on the shop floor. Their expertise is essential for delivering high-quality forgings consistently.

To make the most of this team’s combined experience, consider implementing regular knowledge-sharing sessions where team members can share insights, lessons learned, and best practices. Encourage cross-functional collaboration on projects to foster creativity and problem-solving skills. This will not only lead to a more cohesive and motivated team but also contribute to continuous improvement in your processes and products.

Lastly, ensure that the company’s vision and goals are communicated clearly to all team members so that everyone is aligned and working towards a common purpose. Recognize and reward the team’s achievements to boost morale and maintain a positive work environment.

Our Work Process


We wish to serve your company with our range of products, if given opportunity.


We wish to serve your company with our range of products, if given opportunity.


We wish to serve your company with our range of products, if given opportunity.


We wish to serve your company with our range of products, if given opportunity.


We wish to serve your company with our range of products, if given opportunity.

Erection & Commissioning

We wish to serve your company with our range of products, if given opportunity.