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Hydraulic Hammer

Hydraulic Hammer

Fully hydraulic open die forging hammer is fully hydraulic drive open die forging hammer, there single arm type, arch type and bridge type etc structure type. The system principle is the below chamber of hammer rod piston connect the high pressure oil all the time,realize hit through control the upper and below oil pressure of piston of piston.It’s used for open die forging. The fully hydraulic open die forging hammer hitting is powerful and faster,less malfunction,the ram can hang up at any position.It suit to produce all kinds of open die forgings.

Technical Characteristics of Fully Hydraulic Forging Hammer

1) The full hydraulic power drive system avoids the mutual exchange of oil and gas, and greatly improves the life of the hammer rod piston seal;

2) The back pressure of the upper cavity is very low during the return stroke, and there is no boring phenomenon when striking, the return speed and striking frequency are improved, and the production efficiency is high;

3) The unique X-shaped guide rail structure doubles the life of the hammer rod, from the original “wearable parts” to the current “longevity parts”;

4) The striking valve adopts the differential servo principle, the operating system is extremely flexible, and it is easy to control light and heavy strikes;

5) The percussion valve adopts a clever slide valve + poppet valve structure, which makes the system maintain an excellent pressure without increasing the oil temperature;

6) Unique advantage: Cost-effective, suitable for free forgings that do not require high hitting accuracy, especially for forging of large and medium-sized free forgings.

Parameter of Fully Hydraulic Forging Hammer

Fully Hydraulic Open Die Forging Hammer working video