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Pneumatic Forging Hammer / Power Forging Hammer

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Pneumatic Forging Hammer

Pneumatic forging hammer from 150kg to 2000kg is widely used in industrial open die forging. Pneumatic hammer is widely used for general open die forging works, such as drawing-out, upsetting, punching, chiseling, forging welding, bending, and twisting. It is also used for open-type close forging with bolster dies.

Pneumatic forging hammers are self-contained pneumatic power hammers.  The design is based on the time-proved designs of the old European hammers many of which are still in use today.  With a self-contained power hammer, you require no external air supply or high-pressure hoses.  

You can forge heavy stock and immediately switch to thin light stock with no adjustments.  With a self-contained hammer, you have tremendous forging power (a combination of ram weight, downward air force, and velocity) plus precise control.       

The  pneumatic forging hammers are engineered to run for decades in harsh factory environments.  The frames are cast iron, like the old Nazel, Buche, and Massey hammers.  Cast iron is more expensive to manufacture compared to fabricated hammers but they are heavier, do not flex over time.    

The internal parts of pneumatic forging hammer are forged steel and precision machined.  There are no internal rubber air hoses to deteriorate over time.  The drive belts are external to the machine for easy adjustment and away from harmful oil.    

The crankshaft of pneumatic forging hammer has large tapered roller bearings set in a case filled with grease.  This design provides for decades of trouble-free forging.

Specifications of Pneumatic Forging Hammer: